Homemade Ice Cream Making Contest

Can you make the best homemade ice cream in town? Bring your ice cream the festival and pit yourself against others in the coolest contest in town. This year we are allowing you to pre-make your ice cream! $20 per entry. Click here for official rules

Popsicle Stick Sculpture Contest

Make anything, yes anything out of popsicle sticks. No pre-notched sticks allowed. Make your creation at home and bring it to the festival or make it at the festival. Get creative and have fun! You can use adhesives and decorations, but the primary building material must be popsicle sticks. Who wants to be the Popsicle Stick Building Champion? All ages welcome. Free to all.

Popsicle Stick Sculpture Contest presented by GoodPop

Ice Cream Eating Contest

Come enter one of the funnest contests at the Ice Cream Festival. See how fast can you eat a gallon of ice cream! Joey Chestnut the World Champion Eater and Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Champ has taken home one of our spoons from this contest. Ready for brain freeze? $10 entry. Register at the contest table.

Who's Taking Home the SPOON?